BWG-J3K Jobu Jr.3 Compact Gimbal Head

BWG-J3K Jobu Jr.3 Compact Gimbal Head
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BWG-J3K Specs:
One-piece hollow, cast, heat treated body
Extreme stiffness for a small gimbal head
Overall 1.0” reduced height from Jr.2 head
30 grams lighter than Jr.2 head
Includes removable swing-arm (HM-J2)
Includes Arca-Swiss compatible quick release
Needle roller bearings in tilt axis for smoothness
Rubberized knobs for cold and wet weather usage
Standard 3/8” tripod mount
Camera/Lens Capacity of 10lbs recommended

Recommended for:
70-200 F2.8/F4, 300mm F2.8/F4, 100-400 zoom, 150-400 zoom, 400mm F5.6, 400mm DO, etc.
Lens and camera recommended under 10lb total.

NOTE: Battery grips and pro-size bodies have limited vertical tilt depending on length of lenses, balance points, etc. Best range of tilt is with SLR's without battery grip. Example: A 70-200 F4 Canon lens with 1D size body will always balance too close to the camera body thus limiting how far the swing arm will tilt.

Photographers looking for a very small gimbal head will be thrilled with the new BWG-J3K gimbal head from Jobu Design. This new head is smaller, lighter, smoother and more compact than our earlier BWG-J2K head.  Needle roller bearings allow smoother tilting under heavy loads and better adjustment of friction. Lockout force has been improved 200%, and overall durability has been improved in all aspects. The perfect travel companion, it easily fits into small pockets of your existing bags.

For further information see our Buying Guide for Jobu Design Gimbals Heads.

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Camera, Lens & Lensplate not included.

Lensplate purchased separately.

Click the Youtube link below for compasison between the standard and Deluxe Models

4 ( 4 / 5 )
Excellent Quality and very stable. Would have preferred the rotational lock knob on the other side where it would not interfere with the plate release. Disappointing that at this price no quick release plate was included but given the price of some of them this is not surprising. Defiantly a quality product and very quick delivery well packed without an oversize box which is so often the case.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Superb product. Ideal for travel as light weight but very sturdy. Handles my Canon 400mm Do lens with ease.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I have hummed and hawed over a gimbal for my 300MM F4 for a while. Once I bought an extender for this lens I decided that a ball head was just not cutting it. One recommendation is to get a long lens foot plate to adjust the balance. My 7D with grip and extended lens was back heavy on the 2 inch foot plate so I bought a 4.5 inch one. You can not mount the camera by it's self on this and that's not what a gimbal is for but Jobu does make an accessory that will allow that for a price. The gimbal is sturdy but surprisingly light weight and the arm is adjustable to three heights. For BIF you must have a gimbal, in my opinion, and I'm sorry I waited so long to get it. Buy this one and you won't be sorry.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
For the price,the Jobu Jr.3 Gimbal head is a no brainer. It is a well engineered head, lightweight and small. I use it with a Cannon 5D Mk3 and the cannon 100-400 Mk2 zoom, and it balances perfectly. If you use the 5D with the optional battery grip, then you will need a longer Arca Swiss lens plate to balance it, which Jobu can supply at cost. Overall, I am very pleased with this Gimbal head, and would highly recommend it .
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Bought this to pair up with a Sony Dslr and the Sony 500mm Reflex Lens.It is a tiny lens compared to a 500 F4, but a 500mm none the less, so I wanted to stabilise this set up as best I could, in order to obtain sharp wildlife images.An internet search for a "small gimbal head for small telephoto lens" gave this as the only search result.The camera itself mounted beautifully to the gimbal head via the camera body plate SF BP1 and the clamp plate SF CP1.I have not had a chance to go out in the field with it as yet, but playing around with it indoors, it is as smooth as butter when panning and tilting. The head and all components are extremely well made. A quality product!A big thank you to Tony Anderson, the proprietor, who was very diligent in making sure that the correct elements were purchased and even telephoned Jobu in Canada to double check first.

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