FB-SM2 Sidemount Flash Bracket

FB-SM2 Sidemount Flash Bracket
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Jobu Design FB-SM2 Sidemount Flash Bracket with built in sprung quick release which clamp's onto the lensplate/replacement foot attached to your lens and camera setup.
This is the newest addition to jobu's flash bracket family and is also the smallest.
Weighing in at a measly 4oz (113g) this flyweight still packs a punch, able to fit either side of your lens giving better control positioning of your flash unit.

• A super tough anodized finish
• Stainless steel components
• Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release (fits any double-dovetail lensplates)
• Flash shoe mounts for most common off-shoe cords (Canon, Nikon, etc.)
• Spring loaded quick release with retained knobs.
• Size: 3.5" x 7" x 3/4"  (88.9mm x 177.8mm x 19.05mm)

• This product is intended for the sidemount version of the Jobu BWG-J3K, the Jobu BWG-LW3, Kirk King Cobra, Mongoose, etc.).
• A double-dovetail mounting plate is required for the quick release to function. Most modern mounting plates use double dovetails now (our own Surefoot SF-NX plates, RRS, Kirk, Wimberley, etc.)
• An off-shoe flash cord (or wireless adapter) is required.
•An adapter is required for fit to the Nikon SC-29 off-shoe cord. This cord is different in shape and size than the SC-17 or SC-28 cords. See ADPT-SC29

This is the smallest flash bracket we make. It centers the flash approximately 3" (76mm) from the mounting surface of the tripod collar-foot. This makes it suitable for 300mm F4, 100-400mm zoom, 400 F5.6 and other smaller lenses.

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