BWG-J3KDLX Jr.3 Deluxe Kit (with HMJ3D upgrade)

BWG-J3KDLX Jr.3 Deluxe Kit (with HMJ3D upgrade)
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The Jr.3 Deluxe kit weighs in at 1.5 lbs, 680grams. This is the lightest, best functioning gimbal head on the market, capable of supporting and balancing a 500F4 and Pro body comfortably. We still recommend a bigger HD4 gimbal for daily use, but if weight is your primary concern and you are traveling by air extensively, then lighten your load: Get a Jr.3 Deluxe, your back will thank you.

The Jr.3 Deluxe, and our other gimbals fit any tripod with a standard 3/8"-16 threaded top. We DO NOT RECOMMEND tripods with a 1/4"-20 thread under any circumstances. Using a 1/4"-20 threaded tripod with a reducer bushing will VOID your warranty.

BWG-J3DLX Features:

  • One-piece hollow, cast, heat treated, aluminum body
  • Extreme stiffness for a small gimbal head
  • Overall 1.0” reduced height from Jr.2 head
  • Includes New HM-J3D Fully CNC Machined, billet 6061-T6 aluminum swing-arm, not a cheap casting. More room for camera clearance!
  • Built-in Arca-Swiss compatible quick release clamp
  • Needle roller bearings in tilt axis for smoothness
  • Rubberized knobs for cold and wet weather usage
  • Standard 3/8” tripod mount
  • Camera/Lens Capacity of 5-12lbs recommended. See Product Description
  • Maximum weight: 50+ lbs / 22+ kg for occasional usage. See Product Description
Mechanical Specs: 
As currently shipping:
  • Full Jr.3 DLX weight: 1lb 8oz (680g)
  • Height: 7.13”
  • Width (knob-to-knob): 8.5”
  • Widest point is the Arca clamp: 2.5”
  • Base mount: 1.75” diameter
  • Knob diameter: 1.5”


  1. Requires 1x Jobu Design Surefoot lensplate or Replacement foot, or compatible Arca-Swiss plate. Plates are NOT included with Junior gimbals.
  2. Requires sturdy tripod with 3/8"-16 top bolt thread, like the TCF-36 Algonquin, or equivalent.

Lens and camera recommended under 12lb total. Everyone asks if this means the Jr.3 DLX is weak and inferior to a $£99 Chinese imported gimbal with a weight capacity of 50lbs. No, of course not! The Jr.3 is a superior product with REAL specifications, not made-up, meaningless weight capacity numbers. Our 12-lb recommendation is meant to steer you to choose the correct cameras and lenses for best fit, clearance and balance. 

Yes, you can routinely use a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4 lens on the Jr.3 gimbal head without fear of damage, but in general we recommend that the HD4 is more adequate for most users shooting with big equipment. Only choose a Jr.3 DLX for serious weight savings when you have severe luggage restrictions or packing size limits. We designed the Jr.3 DLX in order to fit up to a 200-500 Nikon zoom and similar lenses, so all clearance points, finger gaps, etc are intentional by design. Using equipment that is physically larger (note this has NOTHING to do with weight limits), will limit your tilt ability up/down, or make it impossible to balance your lens (you may need replacement feet, or even CUSTOM feet for your lens, to make it fit and balance).

NOTE: Small lenses may have restricted tilt-motion when pointing "up" if you are using a battery grip or pro-size DSLR. For instance, a 70-200 F2.8 with a Canon 1Dx will balance very close to the camera and restrict the tilt capability due to the battery grip area's proximity to the base of the gimbal head. For small lenses, we generally recommend smaller camera bodies to ensure balance points are in the most practical locations for photography with gimbals.

NOTE ABOUT LARGE LENSES: If using a large Canon or Nikon lens, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a Jobu Design replacement foot, like the LF-C604 or LF-N604. A replacement foot will lower the centre of gravity of your lens and make it lighter. In most cases, large lenses with tall lens-collar feet CANNOT balance on a Jr.3 DLX without a LENS FOOT. We recommend replacement feet for the Nikon 300F2.8, 200-400, 500F4 and 600 F4, and the Canon 500F4 (IS 1 and 2) and 600F4 (IS1 and 2) and 400 F2.8 IS. Users of the new Sigma Sport 150-600 and 500mm F4 should also get the LF-S156S or LF-S504, respectively.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Firstly, I found Carmarthen Cameras customer service and their willingness to advise to be second to none. They have a close working relationship with Jobu and are very knowledgeable.I bought the Jobu jr.3 Deluxe to mount on my Gitzo carbon monopod and it now lives on it permanently. Being so compact and lightweight it makes any ball head redundant. Its build quality and 5-year guarantee give me total confidence. I have been using it to support my Canon 100-400mm L II + 1.4x on 7D Mark II with battery grip and am looking forward to it supporting my Canon 500mm F/4L II when it arrives.I exclusively photograph wildlife and so this combo is far easier when on walkabout than carrying my Sirui carbon gimbal on Gitzo carbon tripod - It's Horses-for-Courses and they each offer their own advantages.I won't hesitate to buy from Carmarthen Cameras again.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Ordered this gimbal with other bits and pieces, good service, delivered next day well packaged great build quality, works brilliant with a Sigma 150-600 sport on a carbon monopod.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Ordered this gimbal along with the tcf-36 tripod over christmas, only used this once so will be an on-going review. gimbal is very light but not flimsy, super smooth action, easily mounts and balances my D7200 + grip + sigma 500 f4.5. i looked hard at other gimbals and designs but this made sense - I'm an engineer by trade and its built! will report back later when i have used this more.super service - great communications - great product!

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