BWG-M1 Jobu Micro Gimbal Ballhead Adapter

BWG-M1 Jobu Micro Gimbal Ballhead Adapter
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The BWG-M1 Micro is the landscape and nature photographers dream companion, opening endless possibilities for fluid motion with telephoto lenses, while keeping your ballhead handy for wide-angle shots. Considering that many photographers are already armed with a good ballhead and tripod, the addition of the BWG-M1 benefits them by converting their Arca-Swiss ballhead to a fully functional gimbal head. The perfect travel companion, it easily fits into small pockets of your existing bags without adding undue weight.

Solid, one-piece CNC machined billet aluminum
Extreme stiffness for a small gimbal head
Includes Arca-Swiss compatible quick release
Needle roller bearings in tilt axis for smoothness
Rubberized knob for cold and wet weather usage
Easily adjustable variable tension settings for tilt-drag
Requires an Arca-swiss type of lens plate (we recommend Jobu Design Surefoot Plates)
Requires a high-quality Arca-swiss compatible ballhead with panning functionality
Weighs 15oz (420g). 8” x 4” x 2.5” overall size.
ADPT-M1 adapter available for increasing offset from ballhead

Recommended for:
70-200 F2.8/F4, 300mm F2.8/F4, 100-400 zoom, 150-500 zoom, 400mm F5.6, 400mm DO, etc.
Lens and camera recommended under 10lb total

Warnings and Technical Requirements:
We highly recommend a very good quality ballhead with smooth and free-moving panning motion for this product. A cheap ballhead that is very stiff in panning will make a lousy gimbal head.
Ballheads that incorporate push-button safety catches in the Arca-Swiss clamp will generally NOT WORK with this product.
Make sure your ballhead has a very securely attached quick-release clamp and ball. Some ballhead clamps are attached with only a single flimsy screw that makes the clamp pivot on the ball itself. This may lead to damage or failure of the ballhead.  Again, we stress that a high quality ballhead is mandatory.
We do not recommend using Cam-Action quick releases with the BWG-M1. Although we very precisely match the RRS quick release clamping system in profile, we cannot guarantee that all cam-levers will actuate in the same tolerance range in every situation.

We highly recommend Arca-Swiss style clamps with regular screw-knobs.
Ballheads with Manfrotto, Bogen, or other Round, Hex, Square or proprietary clamping plates WILL NOT WORK with the BWG-M1.
We do not recommend stacking adapters to make your own system.

For further information see our Buying Guide for Jobu Design Gimbals Heads.

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