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If you are looking to buy Jobu Design’s high quality range of Gimbal Heads, Tripods, Monopods and Camera Accessories, you’ve come to the right place. We are Jobu's UK importers and suppliers of all Jobu Design products.  We offer a swift and efficient supply service to outdoor professionals, semi-professionals and serious photographers.
Take a look at our comprehensive range now – and keep an eye out for some exciting new lines to be launched by Jobu Design very soon.


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Buying a Jobu Gimbal Head
It is important to remember when buying a gimbal head that you buy the right one for your needs and it is no different to when you decided to buy your latest camera, lenses and tripod.  You would have probably already assessed what your current needs and future requirements or aims will be.
You bought the best and latest digital SLR camera, the fastest prime and zoom lenses and the most stable, strongest, lightest tripod, so why scrimp on the gimbal head?  I have sold many Jobu gimbal heads to customers that have previously bought inferior gimbal heads from other manufacturers and these customers have commented "I wish I had just bought a Jobu Gimbal Head in the first place instead of paying out twice for one".
Jobu Design make the "Worlds Ultimate Gimbal Heads" which are custom designed and made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Devonshire Manufacturing Group Inc.
Jobu have been making these products for over 10 years and sell them the world over.
Jobu's 2014 lineup is made in Canada and contains virtually zero offshore parts.
Jobu makes several sizes of gimbals to allow a customer to buy a custom product that is the best for their shooting style. Jobu does not make a "one size fits all" Gimbal Head.


Jobu Design UK ships to all UK destinations as well as the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.
Other regular shipping destinations include:

Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden & Switerland.
If you are trying to order Jobu products and your destination country is not shown here please email for us to add your country to the current list.