Fitting Guide for Lensplates

Fitting Guide:

  • In general, select a lensplate that is 1" - 25mm  longer than the mounting-foot on your lens. This allows enough room for a flash bracket with quick release to be added.
  • Most small lenses use 1 mounting screw. Select an SF-NX1 or SF-NX2 plate that has a built in anti-twist flange to prevent your lens from unscrewing during use.
  • Most medium-large lenses use 2 or more mounting screws. Select an SF-NX3 or SF-NX4 plate for these longer mounts. These plates include two (2) 1/4"-20 screws and one (1) 3/8"-16 screw. No anti-twist flanges are required.
  • For odd lenses, or specialty purposes, or as a secondary "do-all" plate, select our SF-NXM or SF-NXMS lensplate which offers multiple positions for mounting your lens. This plate comes with (2) 1/4"-20 screws and an adapter bushing included (3/8"-1/4"). Virtually all lenses with a mounting foot under 5" can fit these lensplates.
  • All plates come with appropriate allen keys for fitting. You may wonder why we do not use small slotted screws so you can tighten your lens with a dime instead of including so many keys; in general, tightening any small screw with a dime does not offer enough torque and you will repeatedly find your kit getting loose. The allen keys supplied will apply sufficient torque so that your lenses should never fall off due to the screws backing out. Of course, check for tightness periodically (especially after travel (vibration), or many temperature changes, which may affect the screw tightness).

Lens Fit Guide

Current Popular Lenses and Recommended Plates or Replacement Feet


CanonLensplate or Replacement Foot
70-200 F2.8, 300mm F4, 400mm 5.6SF-NX1, or SF-NX2 (if adding flash bracket)
100-400 IS version 1SF-NX2
100-400 IS II (version 2)LF-C14V2
400 F4 DO IS (version 1)SF-NX2
400 F4 DO IS II (version 2)LF-C504M2 replacement foot
300 F2.8 IS (version 1)SF-NX2 + Adapter (1/4"-3/8" reducer)
300 F2.8 IS II (version 2)LF-C504M2
500 F4 IS (version 1)LF-C504
500 F4 IS II (version 2)LF-C504M2
600 F4 IS (version 1)LF-C604
600 F4 IS II (version 2)LF-C604M2
200-400 IS zoomLF-C504M2
400 F2.8 ISLF-C604
400 F2.8 IS II (version 2)LF-C604M2
800 F5.6 ISLF-C604
80-400 zoomSF-NX1, or SF-NX2 (if adding flash bracket)
70-200 VRLF-N7228VR
300 F4SF-NX1
200-500 zoomSF-NX2
300 F2.8 VRLF-N504LP
500 F4 VRLF-N504LP
500 F4 E-series FLLF-N604FL
200-400 VR zoomLF-N504LP
400 F2.8 VRLF-N604
600 F4 VRLF-N604
600 F4 E-Series FLLF-N604FL
800 F5.6 E Series FLLF-N604FL
400 F2.8 E Series FLLF-N604FL
70-200 F2.8SF-NX1
100-300 F4SF-NX2
120-300 F2.8SF-NX2
150-600 ContemporarySF-NX2
150-600 SportLF-S156S
300-800 superzoomSF-NX4
500 F4 SportLF-S504
150-600 zoomSF-NX2