Lensplate Charts For Lenses

Lensplate Size Table For Quick Reference
Lensplate Part No.Lensplate LengthLensplate Screws
SF-NX13.5" - 89mm1 x 1/4" -20
SF-NX24.5" - 114mm1 x 1/4" -20
SF-NX35.5" - 140mm2 x 1/4"-20, 1 x 3/8"-16
SF-NX47" - 178mm2 x 1/4"-20, 1 x 3/8"-16
SF-NXM5.5" - 140mm2 x 1/4"-20, 1 x Reducer
SF-NXMS5" - 127mm2 x 1/4"-20, 1 x Reducer


The charts below are designed to provide you with some guidance on which of the lensplates will work best with your lens. If you do not see your lens on the chart contact us and we will help you find the proper plate.

We recommend that you should use plates that are long enough to properly balance the lens when using our Jobu Design Gimbal heads and allow room to attach a flash bracket.  In some cases this may require the lensplate to be longer then the foot of the lens. We have tried to suggest a lensplate that will work in all scenarios, however this may not always be possible.  If you find your setup does not balance properly using the lensplate we have suggested let us know so we can update our information and help you find a more appropriate plate for your needs


CANON Lensplate Table
CANON LensesLensplate Part No.
100mm Macro with collarSF-NX2
28-300mm ISSF-NX2
35-350mm f/3.5SF-NX2
70-200mm f/2.8SF-NX1 or SF-NX2
70-200mm f/4SF-NX1
80-200mm f/2.8SF-NX2
100-400mm f/4.5SF-NX1 or SF-NX2
180mm MacroSF-NX2
200mm f/1.8SF-NX2
200mm f/2.8 with optional collarSF-NX2
300mm f/4SF-NX1
300mm f/4 ISSF-NX1 or SF-NX2
300mm f/2.8SF-NX2
300mm f/2.8 ISSF-NX2
400mm f/5.6SF-NX2
400mm f/4 DOSF-NX2
400mm f/2.8SF-NX4
400mm f/2.8 ISSF-NX4
400mm f/2.8 MKIILF-C604M2
500mm f/4.5SF-NX3
500mm f/4 ISSF-NX3 or SF-NX4 or LF-C504
500mm f/4 IS MKIILF-C504M2
500mm f/4 L IS MKIIILF-C504M3
600mm f/4SF-NX4
600mm f/4 ISSF-NX4 or LF-C604
600mm f/4 IS IILF-C604M2
600mm f/4.5SF-NX4
800mm f/5.6SF-NX4


MINOLTA Lensplate Table
MINOLTA LensesLensplate Part No.
70-200mm f/2.8SF-NX1
80-200mm f/2.8SF-NX1
300mm f/2.8SF-NX2
400mm f/4.5SF-NX1
600mm f/4SF-NX4


NIKON Lensplate Table

NIKON LensesLensplate Part No.
70-180mm MacroSF-NX1
70-200mm f/2.8 VRSF-NX2
80-200mm f/2.8SF-NX1
80-200mm f/2.8 AF-SSF-NX1
80-400mm VRSF-NX1
200mm f/4 MacroSF-NX1
200-400mm MFSF-NX3
200-400mm VRSF-NX3
300mm f/4SF-NX1
300mm f/2.8 MFSF-NX2
300mm f/2.8 AFSF-NX2
300mm f/2.8 AF-ISF-NX2
300mm f/2.8 AF-SSF-NX2
300mm f/2.8 VRSF-NX2
400mm f/3.5 MFSF-NX2
400mm f/2.8 MFSF-NX4
400mm f/2.8 AF-ISF-NX4
500mm f/4 MFSF-NX2
500mm f/4 AF-ISF-NX3
500mm f/4 AF-S ISF-NX3
500mm f/4 AF-S IISF-NX3
500mm f/4 AF-S VRSF-NX3
600mm f/5.6 MFSF-NX2
600mm f/4 MFSF-NX4
600mm f/4 AF-ISF-NX4
800mm f/5.6 MFSF-NX4


PENTAX Lensplate Table

PENTAX LensesLensplate Part No.
250-600mm f/5.6 ED(IF)SF-NX4
300mm f/2.8 MF SMCP-ASF-NX2
300mm f/2.8 AF SMCP-FASF-NX2
400mm f/2.8 ED(IF)SF-NX2
500mm f/4.5 MF SMCPSF-NX3
600mm f/4 AF SMCP-FASF-NX4
800mm f/6.7 IF SMCP-67SF-NX4
1200mm f/8 MF SMCP-ASF-NX4


SIGMA Lensplate Table

SIGMA LensesLensplate Part No.
70-200mm f/2.8SF-NX1
80-200mm f/2.8SF-NX1
80-400mm f/4.5SF-NX4
100-300mm f/4SF-NX1
120-300mm f/2.8SF-NX2
135-400mm f/5.6SF-NX1
150mm f/2.8 MacroSF-NX1
170-500mm f/5SF-NX1
180mm MacroSF-NX1
300mm f/4SF-NX1
300mm f/2.8SF-NX2
300-800mm f/5.6SF-NX4
400mm f/5.6SF-NX4
500mm f/4.5SF-NX2
500mm f/4.5 HSMSF-NX4
800mm f/5.6SF-NX4


TAMRON Lensplate Table

TAMRON LensesLensplate Part No.
70-210mm f/2.8SF-NX1
180mm f/2.8 MacroSF-NX1
200-400mm f/5.6SF-NX1
200-500mm f/5.6 - 6.3SF-NX1
300mm f/2.8SF-NX2


TOKINA Lensplate Table

TOKINA LensesLensplate Part No.
80-200mm f/2.8SF-NX1
100-400mm f/4SF-NX1
300mm f/4SF-NX1
300mm f/2.8SF-NX2
400mm f/5.6SF-NX1